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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reverse skyrockets

According to Leslie Bunder, anti-Semitism in Britain is 'skyrocketing' unfortunately in the same piece he demonstrates that it has gone down. How can it 'skyrocket' and drop at the same time? That's anyone's guess.

UK anti-Semitism skyrockets

The number of UK anti-Semitic incidents on people and property during 2005, was the second highest ever reported.

According to The Community Security Trust (CST) which works to combat anti-Semitic hate crime, 455 incidents were recorded with 82 being described as "violent assaults".


The number of incidents recorded as "abusive behaviour" were 273.

Record levels were reached in 2004, when 532 incidents were reported

According to the CST, the number of "threats" including phonecalls dropped in 2005 to 25 compared to 60 in 2004.

While overall anti-Semitic attacks continue, those described as "desecrations of Jewish property" dropped from 53 in 2004, to 48 in 2005.

"The number of anti-Semitic race hate incidents remains unacceptably high," said CST spokesman Mark Gardner. "The key indicators of violent assaults and abusive behaviour are remarkably consistent with the record 2004 figures."
Wile the figures are indeed unnacceptably high (although what number is acceptable?), the facts are the numbers of attacks margianally increased from 2003 to 2004, and have reduced by around 80 instances in 2005. Violent assaults are down, threats are down, vandalism is down. Instances 'skyrocket'? Only if the rocket was launched the wrong way round.

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