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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Neo-Nazi propagand is fine with us" says MPAC

The loony tunes at MPAC are happy to print from any Neo Nazi site and they say so!. With advocates like this, your average Muslim doesn't need any enemies.

"We have heard that an Zionists hate site and Islamaphobic blog is claiming this article is from a neo nazi website. MPACUK receives hundreds of articles from people from all over the world and does not have the resources to check which website they come from or the stand the website takes. Zionists now regularly smear any website that defends the Palestinian cause as anti Semitic; so the fact that a Zionist muslim hate blog is criticising the website can no longer be seen as evidence. We therefore will only pull articles if the article itself is in any way shape or form anti Semitic not the website it comes from."

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