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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mad Mel Again

Melanie Phillips tells us "this is what's going on in Belmarsh prison where a number of Muslim Brotherhood terror suspects are being held":

"Violent Islamic extremists are terrorising inmates at Britain's toughest jail with an iron fist as they trawl for al-Qaeda recruits. The gang of thugs – known as The Muslim Boys – intimidate frightened inmates at Belmarsh into joining their faith, beating those who refuse their bullying demands. Some bloodied victims have been slashed by razor blades attached to toothbrushes. Others have had boiling water hurled over them. Prisoners say they are in fear for their lives."

1. The Muslim Brotherhood have nothing to do with The Muslim Boys (unless Mel has some dramatic evidence MI5 have overlooked)
2. They have no links to al-Qaeda (they are after all a criminal gang in one prison....not the best place for staging a terror attack), and do not recruit for al-Qaeda.
3. You are a mad old witch. Please shut up.

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