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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Freedom of speech

Luckily the Stones didn't have any songs about Mohammed.
FOUR decades after being censored by The Ed Sullivan Show, the Rolling Stones — average age 62 — once again were told that their lyrics were too sexually explicit, when they performed three songs at the Super Bowl in Detroit.

During a 12-minute set in front of 72,000 football fans and about 1 billion television viewers on Sunday, editors at the National Football League turned down Mick Jagger’s microphone as he sang a sexually explicit line during Start Me Up (“You make a dead man come”). The frontman also went mute during a farmyard reference to “cocks”, which was sung with an obvious double meaning.

Reports initially suggested that ABC Television had used a five-second delay to edit out the offending lines. But it later emerged that the NFL’s production company had been responsible for turning down the microphone, a move that had been agreed with the Stones. “We agreed upon it earlier this week. They were fine with it,” an NFL spokesman said. “If we had missed it, then ABC had five seconds to hit the button.”

Before the show, Jagger said: “I think the Stones have moved closer to American mainstream culture and I think America has changed since we first came here. Hopefully, both of us still have our core values intact.”

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