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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blame Israel

Surprise, surprise! George Galloway Accuses Israel of Assassinating Rafik Hariri. I take my hat off to him. He's cornered the market in the 'blame Israel' game. Even his (alleged) paymasters come nowhere close to his idiocy.

I don’t believe that Syria is responsible for the death of Hariri because Syria is the main loser from this crime. States don’t normally commit acts such as that when they know, as any fool could have predicted, that the world will come down on top of them. So, I don’t believe that Syria is responsible at all for this crime. There may have been some Syrians involved, but I don’t believe that President Bashar Assad took a decision to blow up Hariri. This would be madness! Someone else is acting in Lebanon. Who that someone else is, you don’t have to look far, just a few miles. Down the highway, down the south of Lebanon, you see the very power who has both the interest and the capability of fermenting the type of chaos in Lebanon, which we have seen.

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