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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another ironic cartoon story

One of the cartoons that have caused a stir on the continent has stopped the press at Cardiff University.

A student newspaper has recalled its latest edition after it published a controversial cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed.

The weekly mouthpiece of Cardiff University Students' Union, Gair Rhydd, hastily pulled the publication which contained an 'informative piece' along with a caricature of the prophet of Islam.

The same cartoon sparked protests across the world when it was previously published, with other cartoons, by a Danish newspaper.

An unnamed member of the paper's editorial team, which has a potential reading audience of 21,528 students, confirmed the edition had been pulled 'for obvious reasons'.

Gair Rhydd, the winner of the Guardian Best Student Newspaper of the Year 2004/2005, is so far the only newspaper in the UK to have published
The irony? 'Gair Rhydd' means 'Free Word' in Welsh.

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