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Friday, January 06, 2006

Sacranie's need to offend

Yet again, The MCB boycotts Holocaust Day (the BBC prefers the word 'avoids'). Yet again, Iqbal Sacranie (I refuse to acknowledge him as a Sir), the head of the MCB, says it is wrong to only commemorate Jewish victims of genocide.

Of course that isn't the real reason for boycotting the ceremony, the decision for that is based in the need of the MCB to offend and pander to more extremist elements of the Muslim community (MPACUK for example). If you have a problem with content of Holocaust Day and feel there needs to be memorials for other genocides, then create a Genocide Day. Please don't play politics and publicity seeking stunts with the holocaust. It makes you look like a complete cunt (apologies for the language) .

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