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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Neo-Nazi Threat

A shocking spoof e-mail, purporting to be from neo-Nazi group Combat
18, is poisoning inboxes with its violent threats.

By spoofing email addresses of public bodies including the
Metropolitan Police and Commission for Racial Equality, unsuspecting
recipients are tricked into opening the malevolent missive.

The hoax emails contain a warning of violence unless the website for
anti-fascist magazine Searchlight ( is

Threats include home visits, directed by Combat 18, who it warns have
had 'members put into prison for nail bombs, IRA style beatings on
women with baseball bats and burning down homes with people in them'.

Investigations by internet security company Netintelligence, reveal
the top five originating IP addresses for the emails appear to have
been delivered by a zombie army of PC's.

Phil Worms of Netintelligence, said;

'Recipients should delete the emails and not respond'.

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