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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hangin' out with Maggot!

Johann Hari hits the nail on the head in 'The Joke Wears Thin'

Are you a resident of Bethnal Green and Bow? Perhaps you live on the Ocean Estate, one of the largest concrete slabs of poverty in Britain – a few minutes’ walk from my flat – where people live three-kids-to-a-room and struggle with a fiver a day and central London prices. Or maybe you are one of the 6000 asylum seekers in this constituency, who – now legal aid and appeals have been slashed by the government – depend on your local MP as your lifeline, the last person who can save you from being deported back to tyranny.

Where’s the Member of Parliament you desperately need, the man you pay £61,000 in cash and £100,000 in expenses for every year? Ah – he’s on Channel Four. And E4. And More4. On a live feed, tucked up in his jim-jams inbetween an ex-Baywatch babe and a man called Maggot. He’s there for everyone to see. Everyone, that is, except you.
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