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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Go Pete!

Martin Sullivan at Islamophobia Watch loses the plot over Peter Tatchell.....

If you're a gay rights activist campaigning against the Anglican Church and other establsishment targets, favourable coverage will be restricted to the liberal media. However, if you concentrate on attacking black Africans, Palestinian Arabs and, in particular, Muslims – the Tory press, who welcome such contributions to their own racist agenda, will treat you like a hero too.
1. The black Africans he attacked were genocidal mentalist Robert Mugabe and his cronies (nice use of the race card).

2. The Palestinian Arabs and Muslims were picketed by Peter Tatchell because of the views and treatment of Homosexuals by the Palestinian Authority and other Islamic nations. Are gay-bashing homophobes now a protected spieces? Is drawing attention to a peoples or nations treatment and bigotry illegal now?

3. Fuck off you pretentious little twat.

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bloody right


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