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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Germany cracks down on extremists

A German court sentenced Wednesday five members of a right-wing extremist group to prison, probation and fines.

The court in the western German city of Coblenz also convicted the five men, who belonged to the criminal organization of "Kameradschaft Westerwald", of an attack on a person they believed to have been a left-winger and disturbing the peace.

One of them received three years in jail, another two would serve two years of prison terms each, one got two and a half yearson probation, and the last one was fined 504 euros (600 U.S. dollars).

The men, all in their twenties, confessed to their crimes and some of them made tearful pledges to the court to change their ways.

Earlier this year another 11 members of "Kameradschaft Westerwald" were given probation terms up to two years. More trials of members of the group, founded in 2002 with a total of 40members, would be conducted, Judge Hans-Georg said.

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