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Friday, January 13, 2006

Football or nukes?

Tory Calls For Iran World Cup Ban

Iran should be thrown out of the football World Cup for resuming its nuclear programme, Tory Michael Ancram has said.

Excluding the football-mad nation from the tournament would send a "very, very clear signal", he said.

Mr Ancram, who recently stepped down as shadow foreign secretary, said: "I agree with those in Germany who feel they should be excluded from the World Cup.

"What is happening in Iran is a very dangerous situation, not just in terms of a threat to international peace and security but also to the whole stability of the Middle East.

"Although I have always supported a reference to the Security Council, that could rumble on for some time.

"An exclusion from the World Cup would give a very, very clear signal to Iran that the international community will not accept what they are doing."

It could help lead the Iranian public to put pressure on its leaders, he said.
.....that'll tell 'em.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:55 PM) : 

Iran's danger to America is not its nuclear program but its plan to introduce a euro-based energy exchange. The real story is the Iranian Oil Bourse, which, if allowed to succeed, would expose the USA’s 8 Trillion Dollar public deficit, a deficit which is only sustainable by the USPetrodollar hegemony, which Iran has stated it will break on 23rd March 2006 (see )

Any other 'nuclear' news story is just spin - like the non-existant WMD's in Iraq. The Iraq War was fought to maintain the US Petrodollar hegemony too! See


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