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Monday, December 26, 2005

US anti-Semitism Watch

Why not give them their own network?

It was, unapologetically, a recruiting video for a group that promotes an Aryan master race. Interspersing news footage of decaying urban scenes with still photographs of a segregated America, the show decried illegal immigration, rap music and "the multicultural degenerate mess that we have today," blaming it on Jewish media owners.

And it ran three nights in a row this week on public-access television in Anne Arundel County.

County leaders yesterday [Dec. 15] publicly denounced the video "America Is a Changing Country," produced by a West Virginia group called the National Alliance, but said free-speech laws stopped them from keeping it off the television. ...

The centerpiece of the video is a monologue by William Pierce, the group's late founder, who recounts the four-decade history of a group that once was considered by some to be among the most influential neo-Nazi organizations in the nation.

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