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Friday, December 16, 2005

Uncle Sam's growing disease


Sarah Stern of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) testified at the hearing. She says anti-Semitism is a virus that is spreading on U.S. campuses and seems to be immune to any antidote. "It is multiplying very, very quickly on college campuses," she says, "everywhere from Columbia and Harvard in the East to San Francisco State and Berkley, UC-California at Irvine, Davis, throughout the UC system, Michigan and hundreds upon hundreds of points in between."

As she testified before the Commission, Stern says she hears "horrific stories." She asserts that many Middle East studies programs view the United States as a hegemonic power that carves up the world in the interests of its own capitalist greed and see Israel as an outpost of American colonialism.

As a result, the AJC spokeswoman says, "Throughout America there are very vulnerable Jewish kids who are being attacked, and they don't know how to respond. So I don't think the situation is very good." But unfortunately, she adds, very little light has been shed on the problem of anti-Semitism pervading U.S. academic environments.

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