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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mad Mel: Aboriginwho?

No matter what 'good' points Melanie Phillips makes it's so hard to take anything she writes seriously when she can make you spit coffee in the first sentence. On the recent riots in Australia she writes...

There is no doubt that Australia’s worsening civil disorder, in which Muslims and indigenous Aussies have been fighting pitched battles now for days, has been caused in part by white racists.
Excuse me Melanie? Muslims have been fightin indigenous Aussies? When did the Aboriginies get involved? The white racists and the Muslim thugs responsible for the troubles are Australian citizens (Yes Melanie, you can be Australian and non-white/non-Anglo-Saxon) but they are not to be called indigenous Aussies. Melanie is displaying either jaw-dropping stupidity or awe-inspiring racist bigotry. Or both.

Dictionary definition:

indigenous peoples— peoples with a prior or historical association with a land, and who maintain (at least in part) their distinct traditions and association with the land, and are differentiated in some way from the surrounding populations and dominant nation-state culture and governance

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