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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

US Anti-Semitism Watch

The website (and in particular the moderator) is being accused of anti-semitism by blogger Richard Silverstein. It seems that even on the centre 'left' of American politics the old spectre of anti-Semitism can raise its head. Get a load of this....

Your opinion is swayed by divided loyalties, and somewhat by religion. My opinion is based on nothing but pure, unadulterated, patriotic Americanism.
But hey remember kids. This only happens in 'Eurabia' right?

Comments on "US Anti-Semitism Watch"


Blogger Richard said ... (1:31 AM) : 

Thanks for posting about this. Glad to know there are others who find those remarks deeply offensive.

The worst thing about this is there is no way on the site to bring this abuse to the attention of the site owner, Bob Fertik. I'd like to think he'd find the remarks offensive too. But he'll never know about this unless someone provides an e mail address for me to contact him.

This is an example of why sites should provide ways to contact the site owner. There IS a way to contact the site's forum moderator, but that's the idiot who attacked me & so doesn't help the situation.


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