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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tallinn, the Crakow Klezmer Band and boundless optimism

EJP has news of more positive news from Eastern Europe. Estonia is a country I have many ties with (and have a deep affection for) and I'm glad to see such moves in such a small, oft forgotten place.

The initiators of the Festival Ariel said they hope the cultural event will become a traditional event.

“We are going to save the same format of our Festival in the next year. From our point of view, this format is optimal – a mixture of ethnics and modern tendencies”.

They also add that have a plans to expand the program of the Festival to include cinema. “There were such ideas for this year also, but in the same time we an International Tallinn Black Nights film festival,” Sundelevich. said.

“It is a reason, why we a planning to start our Festival next year a week earlier, for not to be intersected with each other.”

“Till the very last time Tallinn was not so known on the cultural landscape of Jewish culture,” Sundelevich noted

“But our Festival is going to change this opinion. I have had conversations with Jewish authorities from Riga, Latvia, who have had an idea of transfering some performances of our Festival there.

“Should Jewish culture become more popular to the residents of the Baltic States and the Baltic area more known on field of the Jewish culture? Why not – I’m quite optimistic about it”.

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