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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jews and Muslims join forces

This is what happens when communities unite and co-operate rather than segregate themselves.

Swedish Jews have joined forces with their Muslim counterparts to protest laws that outlaw religious slaughter making the production of Kosher and Halal meat illegal.

Sweden is the only EU country today where slaughter according to the rules of kashrut and halal is legally prohibited.

Jewish and Muslim organisations have long argued that this is in breach of the freedom of religion of religious minorities.

On 30 September, the Central Council for Jews in Sweden and the Muslim Council of Sweden made public a joint statement in which they advocate a method of slaughter that would satisfy religious rules and assuage concerns regarding animal welfare.

Last April, the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency, a governmental authority , completed a report on methods used for religious slaughter in other countries, such as those used to produce halal meat in New Zealand.

This report has been referred to several different authorities as well as NGOs, including the Central Council for Jews in Sweden.

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