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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


When is Halloween called Fall-o-ween? When Christian groups and radical atheists get their say.

School principals from Newton, Mass., to Denver find themselves increasingly haunted at Halloween by this refrain: Get out, ye ghoulies!

Bowing to concerns of a wide range of groups - from Christians who consider Halloween to have pagan or satanic overtones to church-state separatists who object to the holiday's religious roots - some elementary schools are canceling their customary costume parades and Halloween celebrations.

In their place are "Fall-o-ween" events, which take note of harvest and seasonal change but that eliminate all things spooky - or controversial.

"There's been a steady growth of the number of people and the kinds of perspectives objecting to Halloween, and it's become a real issue for schools," says Charles Haynes at the First Amendment Center in Arlington, Va. "There's a lot of strangeness around this issue."
Now I'm no fan of Halloween (especially with the kids that live around me.....all tricks no treat), but this is ridiculous. Anyone that seriously believes Halloween promotes Satanism and witchcraft should be treated not listened to. The only thing Halloween promotes is kids eating shit loads of sweets and parents having to empty out their wallets!

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