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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This is awful. As much as I disagree with Naturei Karta, how can anyone justify the vandalism of their place of worship? There is no doubt that they have, more than any other group, helped spread certain myths about Jews and Zionism. There is no doubt that they have stood in solidarity with terrorist killers. But for pro-Zionist Jewish groups to attack and damage their shul is ridiculous. These were the same pro-Zionists complaining about the Palestininians vandalising and damaging empty synagogues in the Gaza Strip. Bloody idiots.

An Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Stamford Hill in London has been attacked and vandalized - not by anti-Semitic thugs, but by fellow Jews who regard its leaders' outspoken condemnation of Israel as a betrayal.

Rising tensions over the forced evictions by Israeli troops last month of Jewish settlers from Gaza and parts of the West Bank as part of the Middle East peace process has sparked a backlash among Stamford Hill's Orthodox Jewish community.

Windows at the synagogue in Alkham Road were smashed after bottles were hurled at them last Thursday evening and the front of the building was covered with red spray paint.

The synagogue belongs to Neturei Karta, an ultra-Orthodox sect opposed to the Zionist political movement that established the state of Israel as a national homeland for Jews.

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