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Friday, October 28, 2005

Unseen by whom?

Mad Mel has really excelled herself with this piece. She's claiming that the recent double murder and race riots in Birmingham have not been covered by the press and has been ignored because of political correctness. This would be a great piece of writing if any of it was actually true. Let's list some of the organisations that have covered this event in depth.

BBC News (across all of its outlets)
Associated Press
The Scotsman
IC Birmingham (Trinity Mirror)
Press Gazette
The Telegraph
The Gulf Times
Front Page Magazine
News 24
Channel 4
The Sun
The Mirror
The Western Mail
The Guardian
Daily News (India)
Hindustan Times
CBC News (Canada)
ABC News (Australia)
Glasgow Evening Times
Japan Today
The Observer
The Times
The Times Online
The Sunday Times
Daily Mail
The Independent
Glasgow Daily Record
Express and Star
Southern Star
The Mercury (South Africa)
Scotland on Sunday
Daily Journal (Venezuala)
Cape Times
Seattle Times
Jamaica Observer
The Age
Leeds Today
Sunday Tribune

.......etc etc etc......I'd hate to see the list if they'd the mainstream media had gone to town on the reporting Melanie!

Comments on "Unseen by whom?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:03 PM) : 

Now they'll simply change their tune and complain that the media (esp. the *French* media) are devoting TOO MUCH time to the story, because it makes the UK look bad.


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