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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two questions

Israpundit asks.

Is this mother a racist for wanting her child, in the Jewish State of Israel, to only have Jewish students in their class?

Would it be considered racism to insist that a Jew only marry another Jew?
There are two one word answer to both of those questions. Yes and no.

Israel is a democratic nation which affords the same rights and liberties to its citizens wether they be Jewish, Arab or anything else. For someone to *demand* segragation in a public school is no different from the bigots of the American south of the 50's and 60's demanding they keep segragation. To demand your child be kept apart from people of a different race is racism. To make the distinction based on religion is bigotry, especially when we're talking about a mixed infants school.

As for the marriage question. Of course it is not racism for a parent to *want* their child to marry someone of the same race/religion. However to *demand* it would be both ignorant and stupid.

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