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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spurs Olympic?

I have an all consuming love with White Hart Lane, but if the club is to move on we desperately need a new stadium with better transport links. And what better way to state the clubs ambition by aiming to take over the London Olympic Stadium? None.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy claims Spurs could be tempted to move into the Olympic Stadium after it has been used for the 2012 London Games.

Spurs have considered leaving White Hart Lane in the future and the 70,000-plus stadium to be built in Stratford, east London could provide an alternative home.

"That is a possibility," Levy told the Times. "At the moment it is going to be used for athletics."

He added: "If that changes, then I am sure they will come and talk to us. There are only one or two clubs who could occupy it.

"We have the fourth largest supporter base of any English club and that us an independent assessment. And we are one of the few clubs that have sold every single seat this season.

"Chelsea had empty seats in the Champions League. I can tell you now that, if we were playing in Europe, I don't care who it would be against, this stadium would be full. The supporter base is not just large, it is very loyal."

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