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Monday, October 17, 2005

Some unity?

It's amazing that a march designed to celebrate tolerance, freedom and community action should censor a member of one of its minorities.

Keith Boykin, president of National Black Justice Coalition and an openly gay activist, was not allowed to address the crowd at Millions More Movement in Washington, D.C., despite assurances that he would.

After months of ongoing conservation between the NBJC and Minister Louis Farrakhan Farrakhan, a meeting early last week led to Boykin being tapped as the gay African American speaker for the ceremonies.

"I came in today thinking I will be able to speak," said Boykin, who thought he would speaking during the "tapestry of unity" portion of the program.

"[Farrakhan] was very polite and respectful. He told us that we may not agree on issues but he told us that [the Millions More Movement] is about unity," he said.

According to Boykin, the "obstruction" that he faced and has been facing is Wilson. Boykin also said that during the meeting on Wednesday Wilson showed behavior that he did not understand.

The behavior began when Boykin's and others walked in; Wilson would not shake their hands.

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