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Friday, October 21, 2005

On my doorstep

It looks like this is another example of the falied 'care in the community' experiment. How many more unstable people are out there slowly getting worse in bedsits? Ignoring their case workers? Not taking their medication? This needs urgent action by the government, but it'll be ignored because it's an 'ugly' issue.

A pensioner who was stabbed to death at a shop check-out has been named as Valerie Thomas.

The 75-year-old was in the Poundstretcher store in Cardiff city centre when she was knifed in the back by a fellow shopper at around 12.20pm on Wednesday.

She is believed to have been queueing to pay for goods when she got into an argument with another customer before the attack happened.

Mrs Thomas was conscious in the shop but died after being taken to hospital.

Witness Maria Davies said: "I was passing the side entrance of the market and I heard a lot of raised voices in Poundstretcher.

"I went into the shop. I saw these two old ladies coming towards me. One said, 'Can you help me, someone has just been stabbed in the back'.

"I looked at the other lady and I saw the knife in her back."

South Wales Police said Mrs Thomas, from Roath in Cardiff, died of a single knife wound.

A 44-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the incident, which is being treated as murder.

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Anonymous aridog said ... (12:22 PM) : 

This event exemplifies irrational violence, regretably now resident in England (where once I used to puzzle at how police did not require side arms) as well as my home town of Detroit, MI, USA.

I can't pin the cause soley on public ambivalance, but apparent public acceptance of such acts doesn't help. I observe some of the comments on the Rory Carroll abduction thread on a USA & world events blog, as recent as 19 Oct 05, and elsewhere, where several commentators quite casually advocate "Sawing off his head" as form of reverse justice for things Carroll has said that they do not agree with. Hell, I mostly don't agree with Carroll, but I can't even think about suggesting he be killed. WTF?!

Well, hot damn, if you think should be brutally killed for disagreeable ideas and speech alone, why not stab someone in a queue you are pissed at, eh? The standards of conduct that protect me are the same as those that protect those I disagree with, in part or in whole. If those standards are meaningless, I could be next on the knife, no? Or you could? And we wonder how it got this way?

They get this way by people saying, a few at first, then more, one way or another, they don't give a damn, especially if it doesn't apply to them, but somebody else. That is not philosophical advocacy, it is incitment, pure and simple. I am not sure whether to be amused by such violent suggestions in the blog world, disgusted, or outright angered. If it can trip off the tongue, how long before it trips off the fingers too?

Just saying.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:41 PM) : 

A country that burns books will one day burn people


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