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Monday, October 24, 2005

Neo-Nazis on campus

And guess what? It's in the US again. This kind of group would be laughed out if they turned up at a British university. If not laughed out then beaten....but hey it's only us Euro's and Brits that have race obsessed extremists. In the US their just 'differing opinions'.

The neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement has approached Central Michigan University to recruit members and possibly form a Registered Student Organization.

NSM was on campus in late September recruiting members for its chapter, though it has no RSO paperwork on file with the Office of Student Life.

Dan Carlson, active member of the group and Cadillac resident, said NSM approaches college campuses because they foster the spirit of free thinking.

“This is an alternative not offered on campuses,” he said. “It’s another alternative for students and an alternative to Communism.”

Director of Student Life Tony Voisin said he had heard the rumors around campus.

“Until they are registered as a student organization with us, we really aren’t aware of them,” he said. “As of right now, they don’t have any information or paperwork organized with us.”

NSM is a compilation of members including the SS Division, Women’s Division, Stormtroopers and members of the Skinhead Division. Its Michigan Web site is

According to the NSM Web site, its main goal is to establish a strong unit of mentally and physically fit white citizens of European descent and give people an alternative to the Democrat and Republican political affiliations.

Carlson said NSM has have received several calls from people at CMU interested in the organization.

“It’s a shock to them at first,” he said. “After our visits, it usually takes about a week for people to begin questioning.”

Carlson said the group’s recruiting visit was moderately successful and it would be great to become an RSO.

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