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Friday, October 21, 2005

'Nazi' racoons?

This made me laugh. There are certain stories that brighten up your day in either a warm fuzzy way or a sly chuckle kind of way. This is definately in the latter category.

Germany is stepping up its battle against 'Nazi' racoons after they ruined much of this year's wine harvest.

The racoons were released into the German countryside in 1934 under the orders of Hermann Goering.

Goering thought they would "enrich" the local wildlife - but they have spread throughout Central Europe, from the Low Countries to the Urals, according to conservationists.

The nocturnal mammals have become a health hazard in many cities, where they rummage through garbage bins and invade homeowners' attics and cellars.

Now, they are becoming a threat to agriculture as well, according to farmers.

"Racoons wiped out almost the entire harvest in a matter of days," said Werner Kothe who operates a vineyard in the Brandenburg region.
There's an image in my head of raccoons goostepping through farmer Schultz's fields......ah well best be off to the pub.

Comments on "'Nazi' racoons?"


Anonymous aridog said ... (1:58 AM) : 

Damn...I do learn something every day. That was certainly *bright* of the Nazi's...little boogers (and they are not so little as adults) love to invade cities as well as farm fields. I live in a large city and we have them (travel down river banks and rail road rights of way) and they like to go down the chimney or through attic vents.

To get them out of the chimney and off the flue smoke shelf ( and shut your dogs up), you get up on the generally old style steep roof (to direct/scare them off the roof) whilst a buddy shoots tear gas up through the fireplace flue. Up comes 40 lbs of *goose-stepping* boar coon all pissy and spitting...right at you. One of you falls off the roof.


Blogger Dave said ... (9:53 AM) : 

LOL, than G-d us Brits don't have to deal with that. All we complain about is stuff like wasps.


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