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Thursday, October 06, 2005

MI5 and ARA go after IRA godfathers

About time. The British and Irish governments go after the crimelords running the IRA.

The Assets Recovery Agency searched several properties in Manchester on Thursday, an investigation local media said was part of a probe into Irish Republican Army activities.

The agency said in a statement it had so far uncovered a portfolio comprising 250 properties worth a total of 30 million pounds held by two men.

The agency declined to give details of the identity of the men and would not comment on reports it was linked to the IRA.

"The searches were carried out on domestic and business properties associated with two Manchester-based businessmen," the statement said.

The ARA said it had identified around 250 properties held by both of the businessmen and a number of property management companies.

"The equity in the properties appears to be in the region of 9 million pounds," it added.

It said large quantities of documents had been seized in the searches which followed the granting of a court order in London.

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