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Friday, October 14, 2005

Horrendous drivel

Is there any group on earth that doesn't feel the need to compare their 'bad' treatment no matter what it is to the systematic industrialized slaughter of Jews by the Nazis?

East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has branded comments from a Belfast priest comparing the treatment of Catholics in the North to the way Nazis treated the Jews as "horrendous drivel".

Mr. Campbell urged unionists to reflect on comments made by Father Alex Reid at a public meeting in Belfast that Roman Catholics 'were not treated like human beings. They were treated like the Nazis treated the Jews'.

Mr. Campbell said that unionists will "quite rightly" take grave exception to the comments, adding that many will want to dismiss it as "utter nonsense".

"I believe however if this is taken with similar comments made by the President of the Irish Republic (later apologised for) in a similar vein, the unionist community can begin to make some sense of the appalling sectarian murder campaign of the IRA aimed against us since 1969.

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