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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Homer makes man-of-the-decade list

Congratualations Homer, but seriously the rest of the list is rubbish. Jamie Oliver as top cook? Damon Albarn as top singer? Sven Goran Eriksson as top football manager? Who's making this list up? Homer Simpson could beat those three for their categories as well. Jamie Oliver is a middle class mockney who hit serious pay dirt with his minute meals, shit taste in music and his money spinning 'issue' shows. Damon Albarn (another middle class mockney) is hardly the greatest singer in the world and his band Blur are dull at best. Sven? Sven is the most one dimensional football coaches ever. If it ain't 442 he's lost. He picks his favourites no matter what their form (Beckham could lose a leg and he'd still get picked), he picks absolute donkeys (Hargreaves, Crouch, Phil Neville etc etc) and he never takes the blame for anything.

Homer Simpson for England manager! Homer Simpson for The Naked Chef! Homer Simpson for rock and roll star!

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