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Thursday, October 20, 2005

American anti-Semitism watch

Hardly surprising news this, but some sections of the media and the blogosphere chose to ignore it. The facts are here in black and white on what can only be described as 'hardly a left wing' site.

The FBI has released its latest hate crimes report. There are five times as many so called hate crimes against Jews as Muslims. No big surprise when Jew haters hold million man more marches in Washington and C-Span airs the hate speech for hours and hours and hours.

The FBI has released its annual report “2004 Crime in the United States.”
Of course the site in question paints the anti-war crowd and the left as the anti-Semites, casually ignoring the countless right wing hate organisations, churches and think tanks that stir hatred of Jews and Judaism.

(Hat tip Anon)

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Anonymous aridog said ... (2:24 AM) : 

Anti-semitism is alive in my country, America. Without a doubt, much of the MSM and blog world would like to ignore it, as well as other forms of racism. Many do not feel responsible for it, meaning that they either emigrated here or were born *after* the worst time periods. That is denial. I don't care where you are from, racism is as old as mankind.

It is only curable if every man & woman goes through every day aware, and makes an effort to not react to ingrained prejudice, in fact knowing your prejudices is clearly the first step for the individual. Harder yet is to not react to the prejudices of those around, either as peers or when it is directed right at you. Do the right thing, say the right things, act accordingly...just you, one step at a time, every day, always. Do not hide from calling out a bigot, just be certain you are not the same, but different.

If there is one thing I'd like to see before I die it is the elimination of overt and covert racisim, and the denial, and the apologetic speeches...apologize by doing, not talking. I have lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam (as a on scene participant), the civil rights movement, and sundry internatinal brush fires.

You cannot deny it today. When you see apprehension on the face of a Jewish couple, a black couple, an oriental couple, no matter whom, as they enter an establishment full of not them, you are seeing YOUR heritage, and theirs.

When you enter a place full of not yours, you feel it, so make the decision to confront it at every instance...not just when you are impacted. The world is *ours* only if we make it so. I have had close friends, who are Jewish, ask me if I thought their children were going to be *safe* in communities already 70% Jewish...what does that say? In America? Anywhere?

If you are afraid to act in everyday little ways, you have no claim to civilization. You may get a fat lip now and then becasue of your beliefs, but you will sleep better every night too. It starts with something as simple as a genuine smile.

Rant mode off///sorry 'bout's one of my buttons.


Blogger Dave said ... (4:06 PM) : 

That's a good thing to have a button to push's amazing a lot of people don't.


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