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Monday, February 27, 2006

Boycott Arsenal lobby gets underway

Osama Saeed at Rolled Up Trousers has started a boycott against Arsenal because of their involvement with Israel. I disagree vehemently with his anti-Israel reasons for doing so but support any action that makes Arsene Wenger's boys lifes difficult. Especially at this late stage of the season.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Five stars!

It seems Sven Goran Eriksson has more sense than the Israeli government by backing the Spurs rather than our retarded and lower ranking neighbours, he has picked 5 Spurs players for the friendly against Uruguay.

There's not a single Scum player in the squad, and deservedly so. Coupled with the under-21 team that takes Tottenham's tally to 8 players on England duty next week.

Israel advertises with Osama's boys

This is just wrong.....

Arsenal football club has signed a sponsorship deal to promote Israel as a tourist destination from next season.

The two-year, £350,000 agreement will see Israel being promoted on pitch-side billboards and television screens at Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal said it had cleared the deal with officials in the United Arab Emirates, whose national airline bought the naming rights to the new stadium.


There's been a distinct lack of posting recently. I'm really sorry. Moving house is tough, and a lot of negativity is born out of uprooting yourself.

Although there has been some positives.

Eric the plant (a new Yucca I've purchased)
A fully working PC
Better transport links
A better pub down the road
Closer to my family
......and more importantly than anything else living with my fiancee.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A poison in the beautiful game

Is Paolo Di Canio the most stupid footballer ever? Or is he just a racist arsehole?

Lazio footballer Paulo di Canio - punished in the past for giving a Nazi-style salute - has met Italians who survived the Nazi death camps.

"I've listened to the stories but I still have my ideas," the former West Ham and Charlton forward said later.

The meeting was set up by Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni, who previously brought AS Roma players face-to-face with Holocaust survivors at Rome city hall.

Fans have paraded swastikas and other Nazi symbols at some Italian matches.

Fascist beliefs

The BBC's Christian Fraser, in Rome, says Di Canio has become the darling of the neo-fascist right.

On three occasions he has given a right-arm salute to the Lazio fans - which earned him a fine and a suspension from the Italian Football Association.

The salute was the trademark of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini before it was adopted by the Nazis.

Speaking after Thursday's meeting, Di Canio said: "My thoughts remain the same, but I don't want it to sound as if I believe in violence.

United Against Fascism now united with fascists

Dear Unite Against Fascism,

Sir Iqbal Sacaranie and the UAF conference

We welcome and support the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) conference on 18 February. The rise of the BNP must be resisted and all communities under attack from the far right should be defended.

We are very disturbed to learn that Sir Iqbal Sacranie, leader of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), is scheduled to speak at the UAF conference at the TUC headquarters in London.

We stand in solidarity with the Muslim community, against anti-Muslim prejudice and discrimination.

However we are concerned that Sir Iqbal and the MCB are inciting prejudice and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

As well as actively campaigning to maintain discriminatory anti-gay laws, like Section 28, in January this year, on BBC radio, Sir Iqbal publicly denounced lesbians and gay men, saying they were immoral, harmful and spread disease.

Resorting to inflammatory language barely distinguishable from the homophobic tirades of the neo-Nazi BNP, the MCB website demonises same-sex relationships as “offensive”, “immoral” and “repugnant”.
The UAF would not invite as a conference speaker someone who said that black people are immoral, harmful and spread disease, or who vilified Jewish people as offensive, immoral and repugnant. Why, then, are you giving a platform to a homophobe who says these things about gays and lesbians?

By hosting Sir Iqbal, the UAF is siding with a homophobe against gay Muslims – and the wider gay community. Your invitation to Sir Iqbal is also a sad betrayal of liberal, non-homophobic Muslims.

You would never host a bigoted Jewish or Christian leader. And if you did, we would call, with equal vigour, for them to be disinvited.

We want a broad alliance against the BNP. We support an alliance with the Muslim community. But we do not believe it appropriate for an anti-fascist movement to build alliances with homophobic hate-mongerers like Sir Iqbal and the MCB. We urge an alliance with liberal and left Muslims.
We urge you to withdraw your invitation to Sir Iqbal and the MCB, and instead invite a progressive Muslim speaker, such as Ziauddin Sardar , Sheikh Dr Muhammad Yusuf or Munira Mirza.

Sir Iqbal's views are not an isolated aberration. They are widely shared within the MCB. Another prominent MCB leader, Dr Abdul Majid Katme, was quoted by Muslim writer Anissa Helie as telling a UK conference: “Lesbianism is spreading like fire in society. We must vaccinate our children against this curse.”

The MCB is not a liberal, progressive organisation. It represents only conservative, reactionary opinion. It is not a suitable partner organisation for the movement against fascism.

On every gay human rights issue, the MCB has actively campaigned in favour of discrimination. It opposed an equal age of consent, legal rights for same-sex couples and the outlawing of homophobic discrimination in the workplace. The MCB also backed the retention of Section 28 and a ban on gay couples fostering or adopting children.

The MCB works together with right-wing Christian fundamentalist groups to promote discrimination against lesbians and gay men.

Sir Iqbal has for many years led the MCB's homophobic attacks on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities.

He put his name to an MCB news release condemning the repeal of Section 28 as “giving legitimacy to so-called ‘gay families' and ‘gay marriage' through the back door,” and paving the way for councils to “spend public money on homosexual youth groups, homosexual youth workers, and homosexual festivals.”

One of the reasons the MCB refuses to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day is because it objects to the ceremony including a commemoration of what it dismisses as “the so-called gay genocide.” The MCB appears to regard the murder of gay people in Nazi death camps as unworthy of remembrance.

This year's Festival of Muslim Cultures is being funded by the Home Office and the British Council. Its aim is to showcase the diversity and richness of Muslim communities. The MCB has succeeded in demanding that the festival excludes lesbian and gay Muslims.

Sir Iqbal's homophobic views, and the MCB's opposition to LGBT equality, echo the bigotry and discrimination of the BNP.

Unite Against Fascism would not collude with racists or anti-Semites. It should not collude with homophobes either.

Yours in solidarity!

Imam Mahmoud Ayaz Araon Saeed (Muslim Affairs spokesperson of OutRage!) Adnan Ali (founder of the UK gay Muslim group, Al-Fatiha) Ali Hili (Iraqi gay Muslim refugee) Ramzi Isalam (Algerian gay Muslim refugee) Peter Tatchell (campaign coordinator, OutRage)

France condems Iran...mmmmmm

I'd love to applaud the French I really would. But I can't. My dislike of the French is so deep.

The French foreign minister has accused Iran of pursuing a clandestine military nuclear programme.

Speaking on France 2 television on Thursday, Philippe Douste-Blazy said: "No civilian nuclear programme can explain the Iranian nuclear programme. So it is a clandestine Iranian military nuclear programme. "The international community has sent a very firm message by saying to the Iranians: 'Come back to reason. Suspend all nuclear activity and the enrichment of uranium and the conversion of uranium'.

"They are not listening to us."

The end of the world as I know it.....

....well not quite. I'm 30 today.

I recieved some very middle age middle class presents. Went to my middle class middle income job this morning and will have a meal at a middle class middle priced eatery tonight.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Confuddled and old

For not updating the blog in a while. I've been moving in to a news house with my lovely fiancee. On top of that I've also changed jobs and I'm sharing my time between London and Cardiff in the hope that'll make the transition easier.
Oh, and I'm 30 tomorrow. Ouch, I'm feeling old.

(PS the picture above is not me, but kinda reflects how old and tired I feel).

Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Neo-Nazi propagand is fine with us" says MPAC

The loony tunes at MPAC are happy to print from any Neo Nazi site and they say so!. With advocates like this, your average Muslim doesn't need any enemies.

"We have heard that an Zionists hate site and Islamaphobic blog is claiming this article is from a neo nazi website. MPACUK receives hundreds of articles from people from all over the world and does not have the resources to check which website they come from or the stand the website takes. Zionists now regularly smear any website that defends the Palestinian cause as anti Semitic; so the fact that a Zionist muslim hate blog is criticising the website can no longer be seen as evidence. We therefore will only pull articles if the article itself is in any way shape or form anti Semitic not the website it comes from."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Spurs sign Puma deal

Tottenham Hotspur announced that Puma will become its official sponsor for the next five years, replacing current sponsors Kappa.

"Puma is a brand leader in the international leisurewear marketplace," said Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

"I know Puma will deliver an exceptional range of clothing to our fans as well as designing a stylish new home shirt for next season that will be the first to bear Tottenham Hotspur's new brand identity."

Puma will be the official supplier of on-field, sideline, training and representation apparel.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blame Israel

Surprise, surprise! George Galloway Accuses Israel of Assassinating Rafik Hariri. I take my hat off to him. He's cornered the market in the 'blame Israel' game. Even his (alleged) paymasters come nowhere close to his idiocy.

I don’t believe that Syria is responsible for the death of Hariri because Syria is the main loser from this crime. States don’t normally commit acts such as that when they know, as any fool could have predicted, that the world will come down on top of them. So, I don’t believe that Syria is responsible at all for this crime. There may have been some Syrians involved, but I don’t believe that President Bashar Assad took a decision to blow up Hariri. This would be madness! Someone else is acting in Lebanon. Who that someone else is, you don’t have to look far, just a few miles. Down the highway, down the south of Lebanon, you see the very power who has both the interest and the capability of fermenting the type of chaos in Lebanon, which we have seen.

Bloody Danes!

The Cairo Bad Boy strikes again!

Good! The sooner he's back the better. We've missed him.

Egypt golden boy Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam has been thrown out of the African Nations Cup and suspended for six months following an on-field bust up with Pharaohs' manager Hassan Shehata on Tuesday.

Mido was substituted in Egypt's 2-1 semi-final victory over Senegal and after initially refusing to leave the pitch, in disbelief that he was being withdrawn, the Spurs striker became embroiled in a slanging match with Shehata on the touchline.

Obscenities were hurled and the 22-year-old had to be physically restrained by veteran player, and Egyptian legend, Hossam Hassan. The 74,000 strong home crowd voiced their disgust at Mido's antics with roars of 'Out! Out!'

The coach's decision to substitute Mido in the 79th minute was vindicated when his replacement Amr Zaki scored the wining goal two minutes later - booking the hosts a place in Friday's African Nations Cup final against Ivory Coast.